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About Us

Hello, this is INSUNG TEC Co., Ltd.
"INSUNG TEC" is a company that approaches you with technology and innovation as a manufacturer of plant factory systems.


Since our establishment in September 1991, we've been dedicated to developing and researching innovative machines, including self-car washers, car mat cleaner, and Dog Wash machines.

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we successfully introduced Korea's first commercial plant factory.

Furthermore, to enhance the potential of plant factories, we've ventured into the various industries directly incorporating vegetables grown in our own plant factory into our business.

This provides a clearer vision and potential for those interested in plant factory-related ventures.

In the future, we'll strive to be a company that contributes to a better life through product development in new energy sectors like plant factories and LED light. We appreciate your encouragement and support for the "new world created by INSUNG."

Thank you.

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