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Vertical Type

Turn Anywhere into a Farm
Plant Cultivation System

Our Technology

Citi Auto Moving Farm offers various features, including vertical cultivation for energy cost savings, increased yield, and versatile crop options. It can transform any urban space into a farm, creating new jobs in urban agriculture and serving cultivation experts. Its sealed structure allows controlled cultivation of crops like medical-grade cannabis. In the future, full automation will make crop cultivation possible without human intervention.

Vertical type moving system

Vertical Beds with Moving System

Horizontal Beds in Container

Cultivating a Variety of Plants, from Large Crops like Peppers to Medicinal Cannabis, All Within a Controlled Container Environment.

Tall crops can be grown in our system

Tubing Structure LED

Proximity LED Lighting for Consistent Light Exposure, Ideal for Growing Tall Crops.

LED with moving beds

Changing Day and Night Cycles 2-3 Times a Day to Promote Plant Growth Effectively.

Convert day and night 3 times a day

Moving Beds Integrated with ICT Technology

Harvest Mode Control and Algorithm-Based Automated Positioning for Remote Management from Anywhere.

Easy control

Flexible Cultivation Beds

Adjustable Plant Spacing for Cultivating a Variety of Crops, Tailored to Crop Size.

Save your labor costs

Nursery Beds for Seedlings

A Single Space for Seedling Nursery Cultivation to Harvest Management Workstation.

Sow seeds in container-farm
Specification of container farm

Container-Farm System

• Size : 40ft Container

• Vertical Cultivation Method

• Automatic Moving System

• High Efficiency Cultivation LED Lights

• Nutrients Solution Control System

  - pH and EC Real-Time Measurement

• Airflow Movement System

• Automatic Nutrient Solution Feeding System

• Touch Screen Control & Monitoring System

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